Well, it looks like my deadline came and went and, obviously, I didn’t quite make it to 50 books.

I started this challenge after having relocated to a brand new city clear across the country.

I was on the job hunt, hadn’t met too many people, and could count the number of local friends I had on one hand.

To be frank, there wasn’t a lot filling my time and I guess I thought it would stay that way.


I met lots of new friends, was quickly scooped up into a time consuming job, and began several writing projects of my own. The Kid’s Literature Lady Challenge quickly took a back seat to other endeavors.

Did I succeed?


Was the experience a failure?

Heck no!

I got to read and write about 17 fantastic books (and, to be completely honest, read a bunch more but couldn’t drag myself to the keyboard to type up a review–so, they don’t count).

Is this the end?

Definitely not.

The challenge will continue, and I’ll also dedicate more time and energy to getting all the way through the 50th review. If you are, by some chance, still tuned in to this website, I’d love for you to hold me accountable and follow along!


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